Truck Accident Law – Obstacles Of A Case

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Trucking Companies, Insurance Adjusters, and Defense Specialists

A major obstacle to achieving compensation and bringing the responsible parties to account for their actions exists in the total defense of the responsible parties. Commercial big rig accidents are different from automobile accidents because of the legal complexities, the extent of damages, and the aggressive behavior of the agents of the trucking company and the insurance company. Below are some of the serious roadblocks to achieving justice in a fatal semi-truck accident, and some of the reasons why it is vital to retain the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney who knows the in and outs of fatal semi-truck accidents. More Information here

The Insurance Company
The fairly tame commercials that one sees on television for auto insurance companies present them as fair, consumer-friendly, almost altruistic companies who want to be seen as almost family-like or paternal in their protection of the policy-holders. The truth that everyone knows to be the case is that insurance companies are for-profit businesses that gamble their assets against the chance that the policyholders are injured and their vehicles damaged in an auto accident. When they are, or when their vehicles are damaged, the insurance company will work to show that it was the other party who was responsible, and the other party’s insurance company who should pay. In other words, insurance companies have a bottom line. They are not your friends. They are not your family. They are a business.

Compared to the insurance companies for commercial trucking companies, however, the standard auto insurance companies start to look pretty fair and altruistic. The trucking company that either owned the big rig involved in the accident or hired the owner-operator who drove the cargo purchased an enormous insurance policy to protect them in the event of an accident, but this by no means guarantees the family of the victim to an easy, hassle-free lump sum of compensation for their loss. The commercial trucking insurance company is dealing with policies that are 50 times larger than the standard policy for an automobile. The risk is so high that the insurance company hires a team of adjusters who are highly experienced and competent at short-changing the claimants in order to help the insurance company maintain or increase their profits.

You will probably be experiencing the results of a fatal semi-truck accident for the first time with this case and have the added burden of loss, financial instability, and emotional trauma. The insurance adjusters, however, are at the top of their game and have been doing this for years and excelling at it if they are the senior adjusters for a commercial trucking insurance company. They know how to play the situation to their advantage, even taking into account the vulnerability of a grieving family. The first thing they will do will be to meet you on the grounds that they ‘just want to help’, and they will talk about getting you the restitution you deserve. They will just want you to answer some questions, all routine type of stuff. Do not let this fool you. They will aggressively push you with question after question waiting for you to slip up and admit even the possibility of your loved one’s liability in the accident that took his or her life so that they can avoid compensating you for your loss. We have known insurance adjusters to visit the home of the grieving family, visit the funeral, the morgue, or the hospital attempting to get the loved ones to ‘sign a few papers’ in which they conceal the part where the family signs away their right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against them. Sometimes they will offer a settlement right off in exchange for an agreement not to sue. These settlements are always going to be inadequate, so you must not sign anything until you have retained the services of your own attorney and consulted with them at length about the process for what to do next. So many grieving families feel that signing a settlement will bring about some sort of closure and so they will accept unjustly low offers just to put everything behind them. Don’t do this. You deserve better and the liable parties deserve to be held accountable. Once you retain the services of the attorneys at our Law Office, we will deal with the insurance adjusters for you and we can guarantee that with our twenty years of experience with this sort of case, we will not fall for some trick or jeopardize your case.

Defense Specialists
In the majority of cases, the trucking company and the team of defense specialists they have at hand knew about the accident and the wrongful death of your loved one before you did. The moment the truck driver calls the trucking company to report the accident, they will build a defense team of attorneys and specialists in fatal semi-truck accidents and send them to the scene of the accident to begin the process of building a case against your claim. They will interview locals, find witnesses, and try to search for any evidence that will show that your deceased loved one or another third party was the liable party in the accident and that the trucking company bears no responsibility. This is their only possible course of action and they aggressively pursue it. When it come to uncovering witness statements, the driver of the semi truck has no interest in admitting that it was his or her fault and not the deceased. Their job and livelihood and hope of future employment depend on their record and they probably won’t throw that away just to be honest. The defense specialists do not have your interest in heart. They are thinking about the company they work for and you or your best interests do not come into the equation.

In order to succeed against these lawyers, you must try and combat their experience and competence with other experience and competence. For 20 years the attorneys in our Law Office have been dealing with fatal semi-truck accidents, the adjusters, and the defense specialists. We understand the complexities and we build our own investigative team as soon as our services are retained. We will immediately protect and sequester the vehicles that were involved so that we can keep them safe and preserve their integrity from any other party who might be interested in them, and we will set our specialists to work examining every inch of the vehicle. Others in the investigative team will be out in the field interviewing any available witnesses, pouring over research into the trucking company records, the record of the driver, collecting police reports, and on-site measurements. We will ascertain what happened, who was liable, and will build a case on that toward helping you achieve restitution.