Practice Areas

Our practice areas include:
Maritime / Admiralty Law: Countless river and sea-going vessels transit our city every year and the workers and seamen who staff them have special rights to protect them. If you are injured on a boat, vessel or oil rig, you need a local New Orleans admiralty and maritime attorney who has extensive experience with the Jones Act.

Family Law, Divorce, and Community Property: Our family law attorneys offer compassionate advice in the handling of divorces and all related issues. Whether your case is before a domestic hearing officer, domestic magistrate or a trial court judge, we represent our clients in matters involving child custody, child support, visitation, determination of marital fault, spousal support (alimony), community property, adoption and other related family law issues.

Business Law: From start-up businesses to dissolutions, our corporate lawyers can help your business every step of the way. We understand Louisiana’s unique legal issues and how they apply to your business.

Insurance Law: Whether you are making a claim, filing a suit or defending against an insurance claim we can help. Our local New Orleans attorneys have extensive experience with insurance issues including hurricane insurance and claims.

Personal Injury: We have extensive experience litigating personal injury cases for both plaintiffs and defense, and will make sure you get the best representation possible. We handle cases for both injured parties and those being sued for personal injury.

Successions, Wills and Probate: If you are looking for a succession, wills or probate attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana please call us. The law firm of Greenberg and LaPeyronnie has extensive experience handling these cases with the utmost sensitivity as well as the attention to detail needed for a successful outcome.

Real Estate Law: Are you in need of a local New Orleans real estate attorney that understands the intricacies of Louisiana’s real estate laws? The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC are experienced attorneys as to all issues that might arise in your ownership and your use of real estate.

Government Law: The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC have acted as legal counsel for Louisiana government entities – including State, Parish and Municipal levels. Whether the need is for negotiation, legislation or litigation, we can help.