Real Estate Attorneys

Are you in need of a local New Orleans real estate attorney that understands the intricacies of Louisiana’s real estate laws? The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC are experienced attorneys as to all issues that might arise in your ownership and your use of real estate.

About Real Estate Law
Real estate is a legal term that includes your land (i.e., a lot) along with anything that is built on and upon your land (i.e., a home, a building). Real estate law is the body of law and rules (including zoning laws and restrictive covenants) regulating your title, ownership and use of real estate.

While most individuals use the term real estate, this is a term of art used in common law states. Louisiana is a civil law state, and the proper legal term for real estate is immovable property.

In addition to this difference, there are many other differences in laws and concepts between the other states and Louisiana. Therefore, it is advisable that you seek the advice of a Louisiana real estate attorney when you seek to buy or lease immovable property (real estate) in Louisiana.

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Our Real Estate Law Services include:

  • Settlement of property ownership disputes
  • Property usage and access contests
  • Zoning issues
  • Property settlement in divorce and succession proceedings

The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC have successfully represented individuals who have been sued by others contesting their ownership and/or use of their real estate. In addition to litigation, this representation includes appearances before zoning boards, commissions and regulatory bodies.

Occasionally, an individual may find himself or herself as a co-owner of real estate with other co-owners. This usually occurs when individuals buy real estate together, when individuals inherit real estate, or when individuals divorce owning real estate. In these situations, one solution is to seek a judicial partition of the real estate, and our attorneys have experience in litigating these issues.


Government Attorneys

Like individuals, there are times when local and state government find themselves involved in a situation where there is a need for advice from and representation by an attorney. Moreover, there are areas of law in addition to those normally encountered by a citizen where a governmental entity requires legal representation.

As examples, a governmental unit (such as a parish, municipality or police force) may find itself the defendant in a civil rights lawsuit or it may need to formulate a law to be enacted by the Louisiana legislature. The lawyers of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC have assisted governmental entities in these areas.

Experience representing Louisiana government entities
Adrian F. LaPeyronnie, III was appointed and successfully served as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the state of Louisiana in various suits against Louisiana prison wardens and against the Louisiana Deputy Commissioner of Securities. Also, as counsel for the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission, he assisted in the re-enactment of the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Code in 2005.

Since 1988, David Greenberg has served as legal counsel appointed by the Mayor of Gretna in legal proceedings to rededicate, and if necessary, to remove blighted housing in the city of Gretna. Likewise in improving the quality of life for the citizens of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Adrian LaPeyronnie, III served as counsel for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in its acquisition of rights of way to construct a potable water line running from Marrero, Louisiana to Lafitte, Louisiana at which point it was connected to a water line servicing the citizens of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC represented the Sunset Drainage District of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana in various legal issues ranging from the use and occupancy of its lands and waterways to claims of ownership of these lands by others. This law firm assisted in the successful negotiations of issues arising with the residents of the Sunset Drainage District, successfully avoiding litigation. This law firm also successfully litigated in the trial and appellate court on behalf of the Sunset Drainage District an ownership claim to a large and valuable tract of land. Our clients can rest assured that when litigation is necessary, this law firm commits its full resources on behalf of its clients.

Most recently, the attorneys at Greenberg and LaPeyronnie assisted in the preparation of an order to be issued by the General Motors Bankruptcy court so as to protect the interests of the state of Louisiana.