How To Avoid Traffic Tickets

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This article encompasses all the significant information that you need to know to avoid a traffic ticket. It is obvious that you will panic at the time you have been asked to pull over. But, it is always better to keep your senses intact to deal with it. You may have a number of things lingering in your mind at the time you have been caught, but the only workable solution is to keep your mind focused completely on the situation.

Things to Do When You Are Caught

Most of us make an insensible mistake of asking the cops the reason for the stop. Avoid making this silly mistake! You know you have violated traffic rules, so don’t pretend anything! It is also important to keep your tone soft and polite. This will itself speak for your being sorry, which can be really helpful! If you have been asked to show your driver’s license or anything that may be needed by the cops, don’t show reluctance. Fully cooperate with the cop! Also do not show that you are nervous or tense, be comfortable, or at least show that you are comfortable. To avoid any misunderstandings against your actions, on the part of the officer, let him know that you are digging your pocket for a driver’s license or anything that you have been asked to show. If you have to produce something from the glove compartment, make sure you let the police know. Don’t make any quick reaction.

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Don’t Be Afraid

For one, who has never interacted with a cop before, it may be frightening to stand before the police answering his queries. However, you should not let the feeling of fright take over you. Remember, he is a police officer and he has been trained to be that way. He may have a gun and authority but you have not been accused of murder so just relax! Remember the police are here to protect us. They are our friends. The officer may try to intimidate you through his serious face, screaming voice, authoritative attitude, and a bit of aggression. If this happens, this is unusual. Most police officers are very polite. They are professional. If he is screaming at you, it is because he thinks you have committed a crime that is much bigger than the actual law you broke. All you need to do is to take that lightly and not panic. Try to look at cop them while talking. This shows you haven’t lost your confidence. Be very friendly. more here

A Non-Stop Eye Contact Can Save You

Your physical actions and movements display your underlying feelings and fears. A person who is guilty of something will always avoid looking in the eyes of the person, to whom he is accountable. That is why the officers keep a close eye on the behavior of the person they have caught. If you are lying, you will avoid looking straight into his eyes. Even if you are not lying but you avoid eye contact with him, because you find his eyes scary enough, you are making him doubt your truthfulness. Maintain eye contact and talk to him confidently to show him that you are not making up any stories. It is very important to remember that eye contact shall be avoided at the time you dig your pocket or the dashboard for your driver’s license or anything else. Eye contact at this point in time can make the cop think that you might be heading for a weapon. Don’t forget to take off your sunshades when you have pulled over. This lets the officer judge your conduct through your eyes. In case, the officer is wearing sunshades, he has the advantage of looking in your eyes but not letting you look into his. Don’t worry about this.

Be Vigilant When Answering His Questions

The officers are known for being smart enough to extract from the mouth of the people what they want to hear. Thus, be careful when they are questioning you. What you say in reply to the questions of the officer determines whether you will be charged with a traffic ticket or not. The officer may ask you if you know the reason why you have been pulled over. Never answer in the affirmative. Politely ask the reason. If he asks you whether you know the speed with which you were driving or not. Just tell him politely that you don’t. The trickiest of all the questions is when he asks you the reason for being so fast. Just pretend that you never noticed you were that fast.

The More Unnoticeable the Better

Try not to create any special and specific impressions about yourself in the mind of the officer. The more unnoticeable and inconspicuous you are the better for you. This way he wouldn’t remember any specific details of his encounter with you, which can benefit you in the court.


Your Speeding Ticket Affects Your Car Insurance

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Auto Insurance Costs

Every automobile insurance provider has its own policies and maintains separate point systems from the Texas DPS. For accurate information about how a speeding ticket conviction or other traffic infraction may affect your particular policy, please consult your agent. Listed below are links to answers provided by major auto insurance companies to common questions about what affects the price of car insurance.

What Affects Car Insurance Price? (StateFarm)

Legal Fees & Court Expenses
If you will be hiring an attorney to represent you, legal fees are another element you must factor into the equation. There are thousands of traffic lawyers to choose from, each with varying degrees of expertise and experience and charging various fees for their services. In any case, a lawyer will likely be much more familiar with not only local traffic laws but understand the legal process of the courts and how to best pursue a course of action. Most offer free consultations by phone or in person. When speaking with them, be sure to share the details of your entire case including any complications like a suspended license, a motor vehicle accident involved, pending criminal charges, etc so that they may best assist you.

In the case that you decide to have a trial of your case, you may be advised or required to personally appear in court. Every court has its own schedule and days when traffic cases are heard, so you may have to schedule time off from work or school and make arrangements to attend. If you live far away from the court, you will also want to consider the price of gas, vehicle maintenance, and traveling time.

How Much Will My Speeding Ticket Really Cost?
Only after calculating the costs of fines, state surcharges, Driver Assessment fees, auto insurance policy increases, travel expenses, attorney fees, and precious time spent traveling and/or researching and preparing your case, only then can you get an accurate figure of how much money you will really spend on a traffic ticket. The final costs will also depend largely on your course of action. If you choose to hire an attorney, you may have more costs upfront, but pay less in penalties as well as secure yourself against future penalties. If you choose to represent yourself, you may save on legal fees but spend on travel fees and time off from work. Without experienced legal counsel, you may also end up paying far more in fines and other penalties. If you plead guilty to your original charges, you can avoid paying any legal fees but will likely pay higher fines and other penalties that will damage your driving history and make any future reduction of charges more difficult to secure.

Only you can decide what course of action is best for your particular situation. If you will be seeking legal counsel, however, please consider our office for your representation. We have been representing clients charged with traffic violations and misdemeanors in Texas for many years. We offer affordable fees in most courts and appear on your behalf in most cases without you having to attend. We offer free consultations by phone, email, and in-person at our office. For a free consultation of your case, please contact us with the details of your case.


Personal Injury Law- What Is Proximate Cause

Personal Injury law- What Is Proximate Cause

In any personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove proximate cause. Proximate cause is the event without which the accident would not have happened – the sine qua non.

Proximate cause is not necessarily the first event in a series of events that led to the plaintiff’s injuries, nor is it necessarily the event that happened immediately before the injury. Proximate cause has to do solely with causing an accident. As an example, if a speeding motorist crashes into another car and the driver in that vehicle is injured, the speeding motorist’s reckless driving would likely be considered the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. That is, if the driver had not been speeding, then the other driver would not have been hurt.personal injury law

However, proximate cause is not always so straightforward, as there can sometimes be multiple proximate causes to an accident. For example, consider a theoretical case wherein a pedestrian is struck by a drunk driver. Obviously, the drunk driver’s reckless action (driving while intoxicated) is one proximate cause of the pedestrian’s injuries. But Texas law allows victims injured by intoxicated persons to (in some cases) hold the bar or establishment that served the intoxicated person responsible for any damages that the intoxicated individual causes. In other words, if a bar or other establishment serves a person to the point of intoxication, that bar is thereby liable for any damages caused by the intoxicated person’s actions. This means that the bar where the driver got drunk in our example would also be a proximate cause of the victim’s injuries, and he or she could bring a lawsuit against the bar as well through a dram shop cause of action.

Whenever our firm takes a case, we conduct a thorough investigation of the details surrounding your accident. We work hard to identify every possible defendant so that you can be fully compensated for your injuries. We have a proven track record, with over twenty years of experience in all personal injury practice areas.

Insurance adjusters and defense law firms know who we are, and they often cooperate fully with our settlement demands, simply because they do not want to face our attorneys in court. In other words, we can get you back on your feet quickly so that you can get on with your life. So if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident due to another person’s negligence, contact our Texas personal injury attorneys today, and let us help you bring those responsible for your injuries to justice.

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