Attorneys Experienced In Business Law

Attorneys Experienced In Business Law

Most corporations or business entities agree that having an attorney experienced in business law matbusiness lawters is critical to the success and protection of their enterprise. The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC are experienced in handling business law matters in New Orleans and are here to assist you with the operation of your business in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations affecting your business.

When an individual invests in a business, he or she expects that business to earn a profit. That individual also expects the business to be carried on in a systematic, continuous and regular manner, at all times being governed by commercial principals and commercial law. A skilled business law attorney can help with these issues as your business grows.

Working with you throughout the business cycle
1. New business creation including business formation, operating and business agreements.

When an individual wants to enter into a business, whether by creating a new business or buying into an existing business, it is important that experienced and qualified legal counsel is consulted. The attorneys at Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC have assisted individuals with the selection and formation of the business entity, operating agreements and business agreements.

2. Ongoing legal matters such as contract disputes, employer/employee relations and insurance issues.

The continuing operation of your business requires much of your time and effort, absent any legal issues which may arise. Such issues include contract disputes, employer/employee relations, insurance coverage and litigation. The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC are experienced and able to assist you in these areas, thus allowing you to run your business.

3. Selling your business, buyout agreements and dissolutions.

Sometimes, an individual wants to no longer participate in a business, or a business must cease to exist. The attorneys of Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC have negotiated and have litigated on behalf of individuals who have withdrawn from a business. Our practice includes, but is not limited to, buy-out agreements, dissolution suits and suits challenging the authority of a member of a business to act in a way inconsistent with the rules of that business.

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